Impact lives like only a Teacher can do...

Interested in teaching painting, drawing, music, acting, or some other artistic medium?  Here's where you submit your request.

The Hallberg Center for the Arts has two classrooms to host instructors who have a class they'd like to teach.  The Hallberg Center for the Arts takes course instruction very seriously, ensuring that classes being offered are well planned, with defined objectives, and being offered by qualified artists.  Potential instructors are required to submit to criminal background checks, through the same company that performs background checks for teachers in Forest Lake, White Bear Lake, and Stillwater.  

Instructors are not employees or volunteers.  They are considered independent contractors, and have an opportunity to earn some money, based on class registrations and prices.  

Instructors will need to sign all necessary paperwork before being considered (see forms below)

Art Teacher Application

New Art Class Submission Form

Thank you for your interest in teaching art with the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community at the Hallberg Center for the Arts!  Please take a moment and fill in this application.

You will be contacted as soon as possible.

Please fill in all required fields.

Instructor Contact

Please list email address, home address, and phone numbers below. 

Proposed Class Information

Clear Selection


We schedule classes at least few months in advance, this helps us organize our calendar and have time to promote your class! Our open hours are Tuesday-Friday 2-8pm, and Saturdays 12-6pm. Please consider a few dates that would work for your class. 

Someone will reach out to you to set up a phone interview talk about your class, needs, and ideas!

Terms and Conditions

  • No class is guaranteed to be chosen to run- we also do not promise that your minimum amount of students will be met.
  • WACAC will handle all monies brought in through tuition for approved courses.
  • WACAC will retain 40% of tuition to cover building, publicity, and administration expenses.
  • Instructor will receive payment at the end of the month of course completion. - Instructor is responsible for sending an invoice to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after the class. (60% of total class income, + total supply fee= instructor money due)
  • Instructors are considered to be independent contractors, NOT employees and are subject to the WACAC's Independent Contractor Agreement.
  • The course instructor is responsible for attending students, building security, and protection of displayed artwork in the center during the time of the course.
  • If class is offered during hour that the Hallberg Center is not normally open, the instructor will help contact a WACAC member to volunteer to staff the center outside of the class area during the class session.
  • The instructor and volunteer are responsible for securing the Hallberg Center for the Arts following each session held in the facility. The instructor is responsible for ensuring any utilized portion of the building and equipment is clean and ready for the next class following each session.
  • WACAC has some tables, chairs, and other equipment and is willing to allow the Instructor to utilize available tables, chairs, easels, and other equipment if prior arrangements are made.
  • Based on the course application, WACAC will place the course and description on the website (http://WyomingCreativeArts.org) event calendar, Facebook events, and in our newsletters.
  • WACAC will also include information about the course in a downloadable course catalogue, in any outgoing press releases, and on social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • Course Instructors are expected to help by self promoting their upcoming classes, through means at their disposal (word of mouth, distribution of flyers, social media, etc.)

Additional Requirements

Prior to final approval of the course, the instructor will be asked to complete and deliver a Background Check Authorization form, and a Background Check will be performed.

Additionally, If the course is accepted, you will be asked to set up an interview and sign and return the following forms:

  • WACAC Participation, Image, & Likeness Release Form
  • WACAC Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Federal Form W9
  • and, you will be asked to submit an online form for a complete criminal background check.

By submitting the class application I am agreeing to these terms and conditions.



Additional Things To Do...

If the course is accepted, you will be asked to set up an interview and sign and return the following forms:

We will need to do a background check on you for the safety of our students and volunteers.

WACAC Background Check Authorization (for preliminary check)

WACAC Participation, Image, & Likeness Release Form

WACAC Independent Contractor Agreement

Federal Form W9